GPS Location Tracking and History

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Feature Summary

By installing CellTRAKR software on a supported phone*, you have the ability to track the phone's location in near real-time.   CellTRAKR uses satellite based location data which is typically much more accurate than using network location methods.  

Allow your kids phones to report where they are, for increased safety and peace of mind.   You can securely access the most recent as well as past locations from your phone or PC, anytime.  

* supported phones must be GPS enabled and include most Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile models.

Location Tracking Options

GPS Location for CellTRAKR users can be obtained 3 ways:  

1)  Automatic - Tracked phones can send GPS location and speed at regular intervals between 5 and 60 minutes.   This interval can be adjusted or enabled/disabled by a monitoring user.   The most frequent intervals are not recommended as they may cause battery to drain more rapidly.  

2)  After each event - GPS location and speed are sent to CellTRAKR along with text message, phone call, and email events that are captured.   These are in addition to automatic location updates.   Speed values are compared to set speed limits and if one of them is exceeded an alert will be sent.  

3)  Manual Request - A monitoring user can request the current location from a tracked phone on-demand.   Within minutes the current location should be available for viewing from a mobile device or PC.  

CellTRAKR GPS Locaiton Feature

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