Finally, a cell phone tracker application that works for parents!
CellTRAKR utilizes GPS tracking functionality to not only provide near real time access to smartphone location but can also stop dangerous texting while driving.   CellTRAKR can also assist parental monitoring of their children’s web access and text messages.   Family bundles start at $2.99 a month for up to two phones.   How It Works
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GPS Location Tracking

Child Location Map

Know where your kids are and where they have been.   View on PC or cell phone.  

GPS Location Tracking

Text While Driving Blocker

Risky Driving Behaviors

Curb risky driving behaviors including texting while driving, calling while driving, and excessive speed.

Talking and Texting while Driving

Mobile Parental Control

Inappropriate Cell Phone Use

Stop inappropriate use by alerting on inappropriate web site viewing, cyber bullying, and sexting.  

Website and text message filtering

Parental Monitoring

Review Cell Phone Usage

Monitor cell phone activity including phone calls, text messaging, web surfing, and more.  

Comprehensive phone activity tracking

Smart Phone Budget Tools

Keep An Eye On Cell Phone Budget

Manage a budget of cell phone minutes and text messages for each family member   

Budgeting minutes and text messages

School Cell Phone Compliance

Get Alerted Of Use During Prohibited Hours

Limit after hours and school use, and get alerted when cell phone is used during those periods.  

Prohibited hours of cell phone use

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